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  • Food safety programs

  • Quality programs

  • Food manufacturing

  • Third party audits

  • Food quality

  • Food safety systems

  • Customer audits

  • Product specifications

  • Food production

  • Food safety audits

With over 25 years of experience providing food inspections for food manufacturers and their suppliers, McGee Food Safety is your source for improving manufacturing food safety compliance. We provide audit and consulting services for manufacturers of food including canning, baking, and processing.  This includes dairy processing, food ingredient manufacturing, food packaging manufacturing, and dietary supplement production.  


We work to ensure the safety of all food products that reach commerce.  This can include inspection of high risk powder and liquid manufacturing or review of finished product, ingredients and packaging systems and manufacturing operations to identify issues and gaps. We work with sites to create plans to close gaps and improve compliance to global food safety requirements and current federal, state, and local requirements.

On-Site Inspection

  • Random or scheduled site visits

  • Determine hygiene condition of the food establishment

  • Visually inspect cleanliness and sanitation of equipment and facilities and the food handling habits of workers

  • Verify that a particular facility has correctly implementated Global Food Safety Requirements (GFSI), Prerequisite Programs (GMPs, Training, Hygiene, Pest Control, etc), SSOPs, and HACCP Plans.  

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